PRESALE IS LIVE! Get one of our Skulls and join us at TheTavern!

Decentralized Bone Society (DBS) is a very encouraging NFT project with more than 1200 individuals in under 5 days! They have the most detail and expressive craftsmanship with an assortment of 10000 algorithmically produced very special Skulls. However, their selling point is their fresh out of the box new idea

Regarding the Presale

The assortment is involved precisely 10000 exceptional Skull. The presale is live NOW and will end in 48. It will be restricted to 500 mints.Minting those terrible young men will cost 0.05eth + gas and are accessible right now in our authority site

Possessing a skull awards admittance to the #TheTavern, it is a restrictive space just open by holders of the tokens. There are 3 measurements to

The Community Aspect :

In the event that you own a skull you can acces #TheTaverb where you’ll meet other skull proprietors, share your work and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. There is likewise a social status specialist dependent on how much tokens you hold.

TheTavern DAO

Every symbolic makes you a player in the #TheTavern DAO, where you can present proposition and vote to endorse the recommendations/execute them with the assets of a Treasury. It that will be subsidized through a small amount of the mint deals from the Off-Series assortments.

Game Aspect

TheTavern will likewise have a gamified feel where individuals can go into rooms move around and impart purchase a brew, and so on For instance purchasing a brew is comparable to making a little exchange to the Treasury!

We are holding a presale NOW restricted to 500 Skulls, +130 of them sold out in 5 hours! Assuming you need to bounce on the following huge undertaking, this is it!